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Gadabout Transportation Services, Executive Director Position


Gadabout Transportation Services, Executive Director Position

Gadabout Transportation Services in Ithaca, New York, a pioneer non-profit organization providing paratransit services for seniors and persons with disabilities seeks an Executive Director. This position requires a "people person" with hands-on skills in transportation and a demonstrated ability to handle multiple "day to day" operations including:
• supervision of paid and voluntary staff;
• interagency and media communication;
• compliance with governmental regulations and standards;
• grant writing; and
• familiarity with Federal and New York State transportation laws

The Executive Director must also have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with community and municipal leaders and human service providers. The Executive Director must have the ability to work independently as a final decision maker. Additionally, in support of Gadabout's 36 year mission, ensure prompt safe and courteous transport for call-in requests by seniors and persons with disabilities residing within defined service boundaries.

Organizational details:
• 1.5 million dollar agency budget
• 70,000 one-way annual rider trips
• 45 bus operators - 15 are paid, 30 are volunteers
• 30-35 paratransit size vehicles
• 12 administrative staff
This is a full time position working with and reporting to Gadabout Board of Directors commencing August 2012. Applicants must have a minimum of an (a Bachelor's)Associate's degree. Transportation experience may substitute for education. Annual salary range for this position is $45,000.00 - $55,000.00 commensurate with experience and includes benefits. Applications must be received by June 30, 2012.
Applications can be obtained online at in the ADA section of the website under Executive Director Position. Paper applications can be sent to Gadabout Transportation Services, 737 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, New York 14850 to the attention of Judy Willis.



(EXEMPT POSITION) (APPROVED 2/18/1982) & (REVISED 12/20/1986, 12/11, 6/12)

Gadabout Transportation Services, Inc. is a county-wide transportation system for the disabled & elderly, which depends heavily upon volunteers as drivers. The Gadabout Executive Director is responsible to the Gadabout Board of Directors and works under the policies and procedures approved by the Board.

Duties include:
• Assumes responsibility for the day to day management and operations of Gadabout, including:

o Hiring, training and supervision of paid staff members.
o Recruitment, training and supervision of all volunteer workers.
o Supervision of record keeping for the service (i.e. costs, donations, mileage, etc.)
o Supervision of requests for demand- response service; works with schedulers and dispatchers to schedule pick-ups, arrange driver and vehicle schedules for each day; explain variants in routes and schedules and other instructions to volunteer drivers each day.
o Recruitment and training of office volunteers as needed and help them assist regular staff in assuming supportive details of the operations.

• Develops and schedules new routes and services as the number of requests justifies them in cooperation with the Gadabout Board of Directors' Service Committee and local advisory groups; act as liaison with these groups (i.e. the City and County Planning Depts., and other local agencies which serve the elderly and disabled) in planning to identify and fill needs for the services.
• Works together with Individual Townships on planning and fund raising for the service to their residents.
• Coordinate public relations and fund raising activity; uses the available media to encourage both volunteering and use of the services.
• Responsible for working with the Board of Directors, through the Services Committee, on long-range planning.
• Represents Gadabout with other community groups as needed. Maintains communication with these groups and agencies which serve the elderly and disabled to facilitate effective joint planning.
• Works with Officers of the Board of Directors in scheduling monthly Board meetings, arranging for mailing on minutes and agendas, etc. Also assists in scheduling committee meetings and any other special meetings of the Board of Directors.
• Prepares, files and follows through on applications for vehicle and equipment acquisitions, via the UTMA 5310 program, United Way, and other available funding sources.
• Works with Budget Committee and Financial Director to prepare annual budgets and financial reports.
• Supervises preparation (with Financial Director and Data Manager) of Quarterly Reports to the New York State Dept. of Transportation on all vehicles under contract with the 5310 program.
• Arranges and coordinates the Annual Recognition Dinner, fundraising events, and the annual Meeting of the Corporation.
• Coordinates Gadabout's relations with the TCAT personnel, via attendance at various planning and safety committee meetings as needed.
• Oversees and coordinates repair and maintenance with the TCAT staff responsible for this.
• Work with TCAT administration and the ADA coordinator to manage and maintain the complimentary paratransit services in conjunction with existing fixed-route transit, as described and mandated under the ADA law of 1990.
• Hire staff and provide ongoing organization and supervision for the provision of ADA service as described in the agreement between Gadabout and TCAT.

Essential Qualifications:
• Proven administrative, supervisory and organizational skills.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Experience in program planning and implementation, fiscal management and budget presentation.
• Previous experience coordinating volunteer efforts. Interest in working with elderly and disabled people.
• Ability to organize volunteers and paid staff.
• Experience and ability to facilitate and maintain harmonious relations among staff and volunteers and with those persons and entities external to the agency.
• Ability to cooperate with various agencies, organizations, and municipalities.
• Ability to interpret the program's need and services to the community and to the funding sources.
• Public speaking ability and experience in community organizations.
• Patience, flexibility, high energy, maturity and diplomacy.

Working Conditions:
• Typically works in office environment
• Occasional work is done the field where exposure to weather conditions will occur.
• Ability to travel in the field to support special events and attend meetings.
Physical Demands:
• Typically sedentary, sitting most of the time while performing work at a desk.
• Frequently using fingers to make small movements such as typing, picking up small items and operating office machines. Frequent and regular movements using the wrists, hands and/or fingers.
• Occasionally bends, twists, stoops, and crouches in the office performing administrative tasks.
• Occasionally stands and walks for short periods of time in the performance essential duties.
• Ability to lift up to 25 pounds (printed materials)

Download a PDF of the job description and the Gadabout job application below.


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