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Gadabout service Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of trips can I use Gadabout / ADA paratransit for?
Medical / dental appointments, getting to work, shopping, volunteer work, personal errands, social events.

How far in advance can I call to set up a ride?
You may call days or weeks ahead of time. Avoid last minute requests by calling as soon as you know the date of your appointment or trip. Advance notice is greatly appreciated.

What kind of information should I give when I call to set up a ride?
Gadabout needs your address, how to find or recognize your house, where you are going, where you will be for the return pick-up, and if you need to make any additional stops on the way. Let Gadabout know if you have a physical disability that may require special attention or if someone else is going to be riding with you. Tell Gadabout if: you need assistance, you need a vehicle equipped with a lift, you have a walker or wheelchair.

Will Gadabout make additional small stops between destinations?
Yes but they must be prearranged. You should request any additional stops (bank, pharmacy, etc.) that you need to make at the time you call to set up your ride. Gadabout cannot make unscheduled stops because the delay makes other people late for their appointments. Each additional stop is counted as one trip and the fare is charged according to the zone the stop is in.

How do I pay for my ride?
ADA rides must be paid for in cash. Gadabout rides may be paid for in cash or with tickets purchased from the Gadabout office. Payment must be made at the time of your ride.

What are the requirements to use Gadabout on evenings and weekends?
You must be ADA certified in order to use the complementary paratransit service.

What is the process to become ADA certified?
• To become certified you must fill out an ADA eligibility application and submit it for review. Hard copies of the application can be mailed or faxed to you and may be obtained by calling the TCAT ADA office at 277-9388 x420. You can also download the PDF version and print it yourself.
A special interactive version of the application is also available via email request. The interactive form can be completed digitally and returned via email. You may obtain this form by sending an email request to
• Submit your completed application to the TCAT ADA office for review. Applications can be mailed to: TCAT, Attn: ADA Paratransit Coordinator, 737 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850.
You can also fax you application to (607) 277-9551, Attn: ADA Paratransit Coordinator.
• Your application will be reviewed and you will be informed in writing of the decision. Your determination letter will cite any specific limitations (if any) on your eligibility. The review process usually takes 1-3 weeks from the day your application is received.
• If you are found to be ADA eligible, then you may call Gadabout to begin setting up your rides.

How long will the application process take?
The process takes about 1-3 weeks. TCAT has 21 days to process a completed application.

Is there anything I can do to speed up this process? I have appointments coming up that I need to get to and I am unable to wait 3 weeks.
If you need your application processed quickly, it is best to request a digital copy of the application form. This form has fields which can be filled in digitally, saved, and returned to the paratransit coordinator via email. Theoretically, this could all be done the same day. This can often take a week less than using regular mail.

Under certain, rare circumstances, an application may be able to be reviewed and processed quicker than usual. However, this is often not possible. Please contact the ADA coordinator at 277-9388x420 for details.

Do I need to submit a letter from my doctor?
No. Part of the application includes a signed release form that allows us to contact your doctor or health care professional if we find it necessary or if we need more specific information about your condition.

What if I disagree with the eligibility determination?
If you disagree with a denial of eligibility or with the conditions placed on your eligibility you have the right to appeal. Appeals must be filed in writing with the TCAT office within 60 days of the receipt of the original determination or suspension letter. For more information please contact TCAT ADA, at 607-277-9388 x420 or Click here for the official appeals policy.


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