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Apply for the TCAT Half-fare eligibility card

You could be eligible to pay half-fare on the TCAT bus if...

If you are 60 years old or older  -or-  if you are a Medicare cardholder  -or-  if you have a disability  -or-  if you receive SSI, SSD, or disabled veterans benefits than you are eligible to pay half-fare (75¢ per ride in zone 1, $1.25 per ride in zone 2) on the TCAT bus. (This does not apply to Gadabout or ADA paratransit services.) When you board the bus, the bus operator may ask you for proof of eligibility in order to pay half fare. Acceptable forms of proof of eligibility are your Medicare card, Senior Citizen's Discount Card, drivers' license or your TCAT half-fare identification card (purple card)

In order to obtain your TCAT Half-Fare Identification card, please complete the half-fare application and return it to the TCAT office. Please be sure to include a copy of any document that verifies eligibility. Required documentation is a copy of your rewards letter from Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, or a copy of your Veterans Affairs Benefits. If you are applying for this benefit on age, please supply a copy of drivers' license, or other documentation showing date of birth. Other acceptable forms of proof are a copy of your Medicare card or Senior Citizen's Discount Card.


• Applications for half-fare can be obtained and submitted in several ways:

Hard copies: Hard copies of the application via mail or fax can be obtained by calling the TCAT office at 277-9388 x420 (TTY: 277-9766) You can also download the PDF version and print it yourself.

Mail your completed application  along with appropriate documentation to:
TCAT, Attn: Jenn Jennings, 737 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850.
-or- fax your application and documentation to (607) 277-9551, Attn: Jenn Jennings.


Once you submit your application and proof of eligibility to TCAT you should receive your purple card in 1-3 weeks.


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free: make sure to select the correct operating system if you are using a PC.

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