Fall Service begins Sun. 8/20/17

TCAT’s Fall service will be in effect from Sun., Aug. 20, 2017, through Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018.

All routes are listed below, noting changes useful to riders on adjusted routes. Click on individual routes to download:

Route 10  More trips for fall service and timing adjustments on most trips. Restored 7:24 am trip from Seneca @ Commons.

Route 11 One-direction late-night loop starts at Seneca@ Commons at 8:57 p.m. through 1:57 a.m. To better serve South Hill residents, Route 11 loops outbound to Ithaca College via Hudson St.  Inbound express loop travels from IC using NYS Rt. 96 B.

Route 13 Weekday first trip continues on one-seat ride to Route 36 instead of Route 31.

Route 14   Outbound travels more frequently into West Village parking lot, starting on the hour service at 12:12 pm to 9:12 pm weekdays and 11:11 am to 7:11 pm weekends. (Please note: TCAT is in the process of constructing a permanent outbound bus stop on Elm St. to serve West Village residents.)

Route 15  Half-hour service on Saturday resumes to accommodate increased demand during the academic year to southwest shopping centers.

Route 17  Adjustments for fall service.

Route 20 Timing adjustments on last Saturday outbound and inbound trips. Outbound trip leaves later at 6:35 pm from Green St. @ Commons and inbound trip leaves later at 7 pm from Enfield Highway Dept.

Route 21 Timing adjustments on weekday outbound and inbound trips. Outbound second and fourth trips depart later from Vet School at 2:03 pm and 3:40 pm, respectively. Inbound first trip from Buffalo @ Fulton departs two minutes earlier at 6:53 am and last trip departs two minutes earlier on last trip at 7:22 pm arriving at Green @ Commons at 7:27 pm.  Inbound afternoon trip from Aubles Trailer Park departs five minutes later at 2:50 pm.

Route 30   Fall service essentially the same as Spring.. Weekend service restored for academic year.

Route 31  Last trip starting at Green @ Commons shifted 25 minutes later to 10:30 pm

Route 32  Noon outbound starting @ Green @ Commons will serve Tompkins County Health Department at 12:47 pm. after serving airport. Late night inbound 11 pm trip added to pick up late arrivals at airport.

Route 36 Due to low ridership, route no longer serves Woodsedge Dr. Route changed to travel on East Shore Dr. to Auburn Rd. stopping at Lansing Town Hall. First inbound trip will serve Green @ Commons at 7:59 am after Seneca @ Commons.

Route 37

Route 40

Route 41

Route 43

Route 51  No route 51 service to Maple Ave. during academic year. Passengers are advised to use routes 82, 92 or 93 for service to Maple Ave.

Route 52

Route 53

Route 65 Outbound 8:35 am from Aurora @ Commons eliminated. Outbound trip starting at Vet School departs 14 minutes earlier at 11:48 am. Outbound 6:20 pm trip from Green @ Commons added. Inbound 8:50 am trip from Hillside View Trailer Park eliminated. Inbound trip starting at Hillside View Trailer Park departs 14 minutes earlier at 12:18 pm. Inbound 6:40 pm trip from Hillside View Trailer Park added.

Route 67  First outbound (weekday) trip from Seneca @ Commons leaves four minutes earlier at 5:26 am. Second outbound trip from Seneca leaves one minute earlier at 6:36 am. Outbound first trip from Elmira Rd. @ Spencer departs a few minutes earlier at 5:33 am.

Route 70

Route 72

Route 74

Route 75

Route 77

Route 81  Timing adjustments with trips restored for academic year.

Route 82   Timing adjustments with AM trips after 7:30 am until 10:05 am from A-Lot eliminated for academic year. Route 81 picks up in A-Lot. Additional trips restored for academic year.

Route 83  Resumes academic year service. Departs and ends at Stewart @ University.

Route 90   As a reminder, route no longer offers one-seat ride to Ithaca College. For service to IC, riders will need to transfer to Route 11 at Green @ Commons.

Route 92 Resumes academic year Sunday service.

Route 93 Resumes academic year service. Last trip only travels as far as East Hill Plaza due to extremely low ridership to Eastern Heights area.

Passengers should refer to  schedules for specific changes to make sure that they are at their bus stops on time. The TCAT Fall Guide 2017 is available online by clicking here. The printed version will be available in the coming days at TCAT bus shelters, including Green St. Station and Seneca St. Station. Those who wish to have printed schedule mailed to them can call (607) 277-RIDE (7433) or email TCAT at tcat@tcatmail.com, or stop by the front desk at TCAT, 737 Willow Ave., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

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