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IC Students ROCK a TCAT bus

March 26th, 2010

IC Students ROCK a TCAT bus


The very talented Ithaca College Choir recently spent an afternoon TCAT where they got on the bus to show their appreciation with their song "I'm on a bus," a slick parody of The Lonely Island's "I'm on a boat."

"TCAT look at me, never thought I'd see the day, when a big bus would come my way...."

TCAT's transit service supervisor Cliff Ducey directed and TCAT dispatcher Mark Harmin gave a surprise cameo appearance.

Check it out:



I'm On A Bus, parody of I'm on a boat. Produced for Choir Tour Video 2010 at Ithaca College.

Lyrics by Chris Weigel.
Video Produced by Tatenda Mbudzi.
1st rapper & "c-pain": Chris Weigel
2nd rapper: Nathan Murphy
3rd rapper: Kelly Muldowny
4th Rapper: Adrianne Fedorchuk
5th rapper: Stephen Wilkins
6th Rapper: Elena galvan

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