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2012 Summer Service

May 14th, 2012

TCAT's summer service will be in effect from Sun., May 20‑ Sun., Aug. 11.

Changes are as follows:
Route 11 Late‑night service is every 60 minutes instead of every 30 minutes. Last trip from
Green Street Station to Ithaca College departs at 1:30 a.m.

Route 14 All Lehman Alternative School trips will now be served on Chestnut St.

Route 20 Outbound express zone moved from State St. to Seneca St. Express stops at Seneca
Street Station; Seneca St. @ Albany St. (Shortstop Deli); and Seneca @ Fulton (Greenstar
Natural Foods Market).  

Route 22 From Mon., June 25‑ Fri., Aug 17 will provide (weekdays only) service from Green
Street Station to points between Cass Park and Taughannock Falls State Park. (Route will no
longer directly serve GIAC due to very low demand).

Route 30 No service on weekend. Note: Route 70 offers weekend service between the Commons and Shops at Ithaca Mall.

Route 31 No 10:40 p.m. trip from Green Street Station.

Route 32 Convenient Care service will be "demand drop‑off only." (Alert bus operator if you want to be dropped off). Note: Route 31 offers regular service to Convenient Care.

Route 36 Select service through Fall Creek moved from Tioga St. to Cayuga St.

Route 41 Slight timing adjustments on fixed route (non‑demand‑and‑response) portion only.

Route 43 No express service to Varna. Note: Routes 40, 43‑Local and 53 serve Varna.

Route 65 Inbound non‑Cornell trips extended to Seneca @ Commons. Saturday outbound trips now begin at Green Street Station.

Routes 74/75 Select service through Fall Creek moved from Tioga St. to Cayuga St.

Route 83 No service.

Route 92 No service.

Route 93 No Sunday service.

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