All about riding TCAT.

Track Your Bus!

Find your stop, get alerts, and locate your bus in real-time. View real-time vehicle locations, search for a stop by name or stop number, overlay multiple routes on the map screen, get next 3 departures per stop, view or register to receive rider alerts and public service messages, or subscribe to receive one-time or daily alerts for vehicle departures from a specific stop

Trip Planner

Find stops and get departure times to plan your trip with the desktop Trip Planner Tool.

Mobile Apps for Android and iphone

2018 Ride Guide


A list of all TCAT routes currently in service, with schedules.

Popular Destinations

A quick reference guide to popular destination and the TCAT routes that will get you there.

Fare & Pass Options

TCAT offers multiple pass options for our regular riders.  Using a pass, you can save money!  Check this page for your cash fare, pass, and transfer options.

Buy A Pass Online

You can conveniently purchase a pass online, or at any of our community outlets.

Where To Buy

Want to purchase a pass in person? TCAT has outlets across Tompkins County.