All about riding TCAT.

2017 Ride Guide

Trip Planner

Need to plan your trip? Try our online trip planner! Remember, you can always contact us at (607)277-RIDE with any question you may have, from trip planning to lost & found.

All Routes (schedules)

A list of all TCAT routes currently in service, with schedules.

All Stops

A list of all designated TCAT stops. Did you know that the bus can stop for you on any safe corner in the City, and that you can flag the bus along a rural roadway? The exception is on Cornell’s campus–there we stop at designated stops only.

Popular Destinations

A quick reference guide to popular destination and the TCAT routes that will get you there.

Fare & Pass Options

TCAT offers multiple pass options for our regular riders.  Using a pass, you can save money!  Check this page for your cash fare, pass, and transfer options.

Buy A Pass Online

You can conveniently purchase a pass online, or at any of our community outlets.

Where To Buy

Want to purchase a pass in person? TCAT has outlets across Tompkins County.