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Downloadable Maps

The following PDFs are large files. For smaller downloads, please use the GIF images below.

Please note that our published system-wide maps may be out of date.  If you have any concerns about finding the most recent information, please check individual route schedules, or contact us at 277-RIDE.

Effective January 17, 2010: Full System Map PDF Files

City of Ithaca, Cornell, and Ithaca College Routes (1.1 Mb)

Rural, Evening, and Weekend Routes (1.6 Mb)

January 17, 2010: Selected System Map GIF Files

Groton, Newfield, and Dryden (65 Kb)

Lansing and Trumansburg (45 Kb)

Cornell Daytime Service (135 Kb)

Ithaca Night Service (109 Kb)

Tompkins County (181 Kb)

City of Ithaca, Cornell, & Ithaca College (502 Kb)

Service Guide (165 Kb)


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