TCAT Fall 2020 Schedules and Maps

Service effective 8/30/20 - 11/28/20

UPDATED 9/21/20


  • Routes 10, 30, 51, 70 and 90 will resume using College Ave. starting noon Tues., Sept. 22. (Please note, there could be sporadic delays due to continuing construction-related work on College Ave.)  
  • Route 13: Added a demand stop for Aldi.
  • Route 14 on detour due to construction on Sunrise. Route is using Elm St.
  • Route 81: Timing changes.

Click here for complete 2020 Fall Ride Guide.

Individual route schedules & maps:

Route 10 (Cornell/ Collegetown/ Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 11 (South Hill/ Longview/ Ithaca College/Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 11S (Ithaca College/Longview/ Commons/ Southwest Shopping) Sat.-Sun.

Route 11N: Will not run.

Route 13 (Ithaca High School/ Fall Creek/ Commons Loop) Mon.-Sat.

Route 13S (Aldi/ Purity Ice Cream/ GreenStar/ Commons) Mon.-Sat.

Route 14 (West Hill/ Cayuga Med. Center/ Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 14S (West Hill/Southwest Shopping) Mon.-Sun.

Route 15 (Southwest/ Commons with direct trips to southwest shopping with other trips continuing to serve Titus Towers) Mon.-Sun.

Route 17 (TCAT garage/ Fall Creek/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 20 (Enfield/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 21 (Trumansburg/Jacksonville/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 30 (Collegetown/Shops at Ithaca Mall/ Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 31 Route 31 (Commons/Cornell/Convenient Care) Mon. – Fri.

Route 32 Route 32 (Airport/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Fri. (See route 72 for weekends.

Route 36 (South Lansing/ Cornell/ Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 37 (North Lansing/ Cornell/ Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 40 (Groton/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 41 (West Campus/ Central Campus/ Hanshaw Rd. / Etna) on demand Mon.-Fri. (See Tconnect 77 for weekends)

Route 43 (TC3-Dryden/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 51 (Eastern Heights/Collegetown/ Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 52: (Caroline/Brooktondale/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 53 (Slaterville Rd./Varna/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Fri.

Route 65 (Danby/Commons) Mon.-Sat.

Route 67 (Newfield/Cornell/Commons) Mon.-Sun.

Route 70 (Shops at Ithaca Mall/Cornell/ Commons) Sat.-Sun.

Route 72 (Airport/Cornell/Commons) Sat.-Sun.

Route 74 will not run. (Route 40 serves Groton seven days a week.)

Route 75 will not run. (Route 43 serves Dryden seven days a week.)

Tconnect 77 (Lansing/Etna/Northeast Ithaca) on demand Sat.-Sun.

Route 81(Southbound/ outbound from A Lot/ Hasbrouck/ Uris Hall/ Boyce Thompson Institute to B Lot and Northbound/inbound from B Lot/ Uris Hall Across the Street to A Lot  Mon. Fri. (started early on Aug. 17)

Route 82 (East Hill/Maple Ave./Statler/ Tower Rd/ Boyce Thompson Institute Loop) Mon.-Fri

Route 84: (Collegetown/Central Campus) Mon.-Fri

Route 90: (Cornell /Collegetown/ North Campus Night Service) Mon.-Sun. Last bus departs Green St. Station at midnight Mon. – Sat. and 10:04 p.m. on Sun.

Route 92: (North Campus/ West Campus/ Collegetown/ Maple @ Maplewood/night service) Mon.-Sun.

Route 93: (Collegetown/ Maple @ Maplewood/ Eastern Heights/ East Hill night service) Mon.-Sun.



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