End-to-End Mobility

What is Tconnect?

Tconnect is a new app based mobility service that will be piloted in the Dryden community in the Spring of 2020 to help rural residents access TCAT’s existing bus service.  Tconnect will allow users to schedule a trip on a Gadabout minibus that will take them to an existing TCAT bus stop. Trips can be scheduled using a mobile app or by calling the Tconnect office.  The app will provide real-time vehicle location information for both the Gadabout and TCAT buses, assisting users in seamlessly transferring between services.

The Tconnect service will be piloted in Dryden in areas beyond a reasonable walking distance to existing bus and up to 2 miles from downtown Dryden. The goals of this project are to:

  • Increase rural access to public transportation
  • Reduce transportation barriers in Tompkins County
  • Reduce the number of drive alone vehicles coming into Ithaca
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions

This is a two year project funded by NYSERDA in partnership with TCAT, Gadabout, HyperCommute, and Way2Go.

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Below is a Video of the presentation to help give a better understanding of what Tconnect is. After viewing the introductory video, please fill out our Tconnect survey! This will help us fine-tune the service before going live.

Click here for Tconnect Survey

How to get involved:

The Tconnect service will be launched in the spring of 2020. Leading up to the launch date, there will be a series of public information sessions to provide more information to Dryden residents about the project, how to use the app, and about the provided service. The first two meetings were held at the Village of Dryden on Feb. 12, and Southworth Library on Feb. 17, with a third one planned Sat., Feb. 22 at Poets Landing. (See details below.)

Attendees at the first meeting included Tompkins County Legislator Mike Lane, whose district includes Dryden, shown below on the right with TCAT Assistant General Manager, Tconnect project manager, and Theodora Weatherby, who is an environmental educator with Way2Go, a program with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Also shown below, village officials. from left, that included Clerk/Treasurer Debra Marrotte;  Deputy-Clerk Treasurer Rotha Marsh and Dryden Village Police Officers Josh Tagliavento and Sgt. Deborah Lawrence, also met with Yarrow and Weatherby also to learn more about the program for their community.

For those who need assistance with transportation to attend the Feb. 22 meeting, Tconnect will make every effort to provide rides.  Please call (607) 277-9388 ext. 560 in advance of at least two days so that staff can make travel arrangements.  Persons with disabilities or who speak limited  or no English who need accommodations should also call at least five days in advance so that Tconnect can meet their needs.

If you cannot make it to any of the listed meetings, but you would like more information please email us at or call (607) 277-9388 ext. 560.

How to contact us:

Interested in learning more? Have questions or feedback about the Tconnect service? We’d love to hear from you!


Phone:  (607) 277-9388 ext. 560


Poets Landing Community Room: 4 T.S. Eliot Drive, Dryden
Day and Date: Sat., Feb. 22
Time: 10 a.m.

(Additional meetings will be scheduled, please check back for specifics.)

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